What is AllPokerSites.com?
AllPokerSites.com is a free poker directory. Anyone owning or knowing a good poker site can submit it to AllPokerSites absolutely free.

How do I get listed at AllPokerSites.com?

Too easy to be talked about. Just click here.

How long does it take for a site to be approved?
It usually takes up to 72 hours for a site to get approved.

Why my site was not approved?
Please make sure, that 72 hours passed. If your sites is not shown on AllPokerSites.com yet, you may contact us and ask this personally. Only poker sites will be approved, so please do not expect us to approve other type of websites.

May I submit several websites that are under the same domain?
No, you can not. A number of websites that carry the same domain will not be approved. Also, different categories of the same website (such as news, forum or a blog section) will not be posted as different websites. It is your choice which part of the website you want to submit, but please have in mind that it will be the only one, that will get approved.

How to edit the added information?
It is not editable. However, if you made a mistake and would like it to be fixed, send an e-mail to info(at)allpokersites.com and tell what you want to be changed.

How do I get removed from AllPokerSites.com?
If you want to be removed, please contact us.